Saturday, December 18, 2004

Nesmith Cougar peanut scale tissue covered balsa flying model built from scratch. Sometimes I get tired of drawing ; )


Mustang Sally said...

That is pretty cool that you built that plane from scratch. I once built a bridge out of basil wood for a competition in school to see which bridge could hold the most weight. The bridge could only weigh so much and had to be made out of only basil wood and carpenters glue. Cool art man!

Meg said...

I have to admit...I was surfing Blog Explosion blogs, and I was fully intent on closing down my browser as your blog came up. I'm too tired to read anymore, but I did scroll down and look at your work. Awesome stuff! Very well done indeed. :)

Brooks said...

Killer work Elliot! I take pictures because I can't draw. :-)
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