Friday, March 25, 2005

This was a project done for a Visualization of Music class I am taking as an elective. It looks like a bag pipe but is technically a bag whistle (bag pipes have reeds this uses several penny whistles to replicate the sound). It is made from a boxed wine bag, clear tubing, PVC piping, a hukka hose, and alot of bondo. I decorated it with plaid fabric and silver spray paint. It doesn't sound all to great due to the bag being a little small (not to mention my lack of any bagpiping skills) but I've been able to get a nice note or two ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This is my Modelmaking 2 midterm project. It's a small model with 3 interlocking parts. To create these I first had to make 3 seperate silicon molds one for each peice. The peices were 1st sculpted in Renshape (synthetic woodlike material) and then used to make the clear silicon molds. After the molds were made I casted several models with Fast Cast (2 part catalyzing hardening resin, takes about 10 min. to harden) The best peices I painted and clear coated. The clear model was done the same way only using a clear hard Urethane. This was a hard project to complete well because of the short working times of the materials used and the need to eliminated all bubbles from both the clear molds and Urethane. A small Vacume chamer was used to do this however its a tricky thing to get right the 1st time. And the pressure is always on to get things right the 1st time especially when a few ounces of silicon is quite expensive. Overall I am pleased with my results.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Another Photo Storyboarding assignment. This time we had to photograph a feeling or mood. I used energy as my theme here. Everything was shot onto color slides. I used a red flash for the turntable shot, and a remote flash without side curtain for the skateboarding. One the last shot I excuded the landing to make it seem as though he was jumping off a roof. (models are my friends Stefin skating and Jim jumping) Spring 05
1st assignment for Photo Storyboarding 101. There are about 10 different shots for this assignment here are two I like alot. Portait of a person was the assignment. (My friend Erin modeling) Spring 05

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Here is my photopopper robot. It runs on the power from the solar cell on top. The motors move one side at a time giving it the impression of walking. It Runs very fast in direct sunlight & desk lamps always searching for the stongest light sorce.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

1st Project done for Product 1. The objective was to design a flashlight or lighting device. This is what I came up with. I call it the Ameoba light. It consits of four L.E.D.'s molded into an elastomeric material in the shape of an ameoba. There are wires also molded into it so that when the arms are bent they will stay in that position. On the bottom is a lamp that also functions as a 3-way power switch controling all the lights. Inside there are several rechargable batteries. The target market are children and people who are keen on interesting gadgets and like to have fun. The final presentation involved having a comunication or function board, a target market board, competion board, 5 view orthographics, and a fullsized model of the light. The model is made out of foam and covered with Bondo to give it a smooth surface. The function board is light green Canson paper. I Used AD markers, Nue-pastels, and white Prismacolor to create the drawings.