Saturday, December 18, 2004

The final project for Design Drawing 2 for the 04 fall semester. The assignment given was to design a pair of mountain climbing goggles that could fold up when not in use and have tinted lenses that could either be removed or turn clear in extreme conditions. Factors such as, very low temperatures, durability and protection, fit and finish, ergronomics, UV blocking, use with a helmet, and styling all had to be taken into consideration. The first panel illustrates the ideation of the product, the second is the function, and the third is the product in use. I took a chance with this and desided to use bright red Canson paper. Over all it turned out very nice. On the 1st panel there are some orthographics of a human head that didn't seem to come out in the photo. Also on sheet one the blue lensed goggle picture is a pop-up that can be folded away in the same manner as they would really function. This picture does not do the display justice. (marker, prismacolor pensil, and nue pastels on red canson)

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