Sunday, December 18, 2005

another chopper sketched entirely on the computer using painter and photoshop I still like traditional media better at this point but computer sketching has many advantages ex. undo button ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

2 min sketch of a chopper
Half of the final presentation board showing the final designs and functions of the RIPCORD Snow Tube Linking System. The Final design is basically a cheap way for kids to link there tube sleds together. Becuase of the strap system the clips can link to anything that they will fit around such as handles of other sleds. They can be linked in many arrangements as well. The linking system acts similar to a carrabeiner so the possablities are endless.
And Finally the 3D Model built in Rhino and rendered in Flamingo.
Clip top view with dimentions done in Rhino.
More refined color study done using photoshop

Color study A for tube graphics. done with markers and traditional media.

Early function page that layed out how the clip worked. A pin holds the whole assembly together, when it is pulled out the hindge point is broken and the clip opens as it falles away. To not loes any peices the whole thing is straped together.
anothersketch working out the connection point of the tubes. The sketch is done in pensil then scanned and value was added in photoshop.

The concept sketch that lead tot he final project in Product Design 2. The tubes are triangularly shaped and connected at the tips.