Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Actually an older sketch but I have just run into it recently, I call her the Pink Succumbus

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Here is My Product 3 Semester Project The All New Nintendo Dragon System

It is a Digital Media Hub (read on to my 1st post about this project to find out what a Digital watchamacallit is)

One particular color and graphic pattern I really like, also a view of what the entire system looks like together
Several color studies for the final direction
The remote used Nintendos new motion tracking ability, literaly just point and click on the screen. I have also included a bonus feature for game developers and creative minds. Hold the remote like a spray can and one can "spray" on thier TV screen like spray paint.
The remote has many functions. It can be held and used in several ways
The speakers are wireless however, they must be charged from time to time
Secondary function is emotion. This can be turned on or off, while on the hub acts like a pet and must be taken care of to insure proper functionality
Primary Functions of the Media Hub It is very Similar to a computer
Orthographics of the Final design some revisions are still being made
Exploded view of the Dragon System Media Hub
Styling studies of my final direction Dragon System
Sketches of a second direction named Aliem System
Here is the project I am working on right now, Its is a Digital Media Hub for Nintendo. I have pretty much finalized my design and am about to start on the model making process. This 1st image is a maping of what exactly a digital media hub does. Basically It links to all ones electronic devices and acts as a home server, wireless router, Tivo, entertainment center, Nintendo System, etc. (the green thing in the middle is my design ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A redesign of the same drill this time i choose a looser style on the orthographic view
A profile rendering of a hand drill, marker and prismacolor pencil on copy paper.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ok this is not my work but some of the stuff I think is amazing. Ryan Church created this in an entirly digital medium.