Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here are several images of my Nintendo Dragon concept I did in 2006, I never posted the out come of the project so here it is:

comes in an array of colors btw:

3D modle done in Alias and rendered in Image studio

Here is picture of the Actual scale model I made from foam, the speakers actually work

This Image board represents the playfulness and inspiration behind Dragon

Long time no post

I am going to be re updating my blogspot regularly again with work and tidbits here and there. Here are some pictures that can hardly begin to sum up what I have been doing instead: (with captions)

view from my new SF apartment with Bella

Most Epic New Years EVER!

Flock Yeah! LA

"It's imposable to be unhappy in a poncho," the boosh is loose

Creatures of the loin

Red fender gang

Our new dooog sawyer, he's100% rat terrier


a very useful trick, sumed up on a single A4