Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is my concept I did for Scion and entered in their floorplan competition in the fall of 2006. It won 3rd place in that competition. I am surprised that they even let it it since i broke most of the entry rules about size, and construction.

The idea basically was inspired by cyber punk. The brief stated that there needed to be at least two areas one for the show room and one for the sales associate to sit and meet with customers. there also had to be a wheel display, and customization kiosk.

here is what scion had to say about it,

"In third place, Elliot Ortiz beat out thousands of entrants with his Cyber Punk design. The ultra contemporary space is an ode to futurism with glowing fixtures and sleek metalwork. A product design student at San Francisco Academy of Art University, Ortiz imagined a high-tech power station that includes a virtual teleporter and a glowing helix that holds rims. In true Scion spirit, design stations allow customers to customize in a low-pressure environment, with the creations published randomly overhead on large flat screens for all to see."

main show room with vehical and rims display

general layout

discovery kiosk where people can play with scion options

sales area is located behind the show room and seperated by partitions

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Here is the final output from my summer 2006 Portfolio Enhancements Project "Cargo". The model was done in Alias and the rendering in Image studio.

The idea behind the Cargo concept is to design a vehicle that maintains scooter urban transport advantages while noticeably increasing cargo capacity. As well as be able to adapt to specific specialized solutions and appeal to urban delivery services.

Cargo is unique in several ways, technologically it incorporates a drive by wire tank style steering system to further increase pay load capacity, and is currently the only scooter design that addresses this need. Cargo also demonstrates a divergence from the norm with an attractive new hybrid form factor yet still embodies the traditional scooter lines and vibe.

Cargo is a very conceptual blue sky project that is meant to get people thinking outside the standard vehicle form factors, in an attempt to create new vehicles that address niche needs.

Loaded up

As you can see from the side Cargo has a brand new form factor.

Blinker/ bunji attachment details

Controls and speedo

Cargo would make an excellent promotional vehicle as well

DHL delivery version for rapid urban deliveries

Large laundry load (I can honestly say I have used my moped and a huge bag to take laundry to the laundromat on more than one occasion)


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

After the initial direction was selected, I concetrated on the details of the surfaces and form.

Some key attributes I wanted the scooter to have where, smooth surfaces, a "bonnet" or hood that was uninterrupted by the controls. One of the main goals during this phase was to create a fluid curvy body based around a square, without making the square hole look out of place.
The initial exploratory sketching phase:
(click to enlarge)

Ultimately the square shaped design was chosen, since it embodied traditional scooter lines provided excellent cargo capacity, and gave the scooter a fresh new look. The squareness of the hole attracts object to fill it.
My Cargo scooter concept has been published on!

This project was done during the summer of 2006, in my Portfolio Enhancement Class. The brief allowed the design of anything, and since I had just returned from Italy scooters had made a big impression on me, as the most efficient form of personal urban transport.

The advantages of scooters:

Traffic immunity

Easy to operate

Can park anywhere

Fast enough to survive higher speed urban traffic


Minimal license requirements

Good on gas


No trunk space.

The Plan:

The idea is to design a vehicle that maintains scooter advantages while noticeably increasing cargo capacity.

As well as appeal to urban delivery services, and for promotional uses.