Thursday, October 28, 2004

Side view of the same car built in Perspective class and rendered in Photoshop 101.
Final project in Perspective 101 first semester. The car took over 10 hours to plot every point exactly in 2 point perspective. Check out the detail of the headers on the Isometric engine. Overall a fun class. Teaches the basic mathematics of perspective that are used by all 3D rendering and CAD programs. Of course we did it all in analog ;)
Two portraits I did during Color and Design class second semester. They are in gouache. Warhol is true blue monotone, and Dali is blue/yellow analigous.
Fiberglass speakers built during second semester in Form Development. The drivers were taken from Mac desktop series speakers, the speakers covers are silk covering vacume molded styrine finished in sea foam green. These were painted with ferrari paint that costs about $20 for 4oz. They really work too.

Photoshop 101

1st post

Hello to anyone who I give this address to. . . Mostly friends and family. This is my new site so that I can display some pictures and stuff. I'll also put up some happenings in San Fran.