Thursday, December 23, 2004

Here is Renee and I on Halloween. We were giving candy out to the kids outside my building. Also we attended the Halloween Castro street party afterwards. CRAZY. (yeah I know its Christmas)

Speedy sketch done on grey canson paper with prismacolor pensil. It was then scaned and imported into Photoshop to give some boring gears a more dramatic presence

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Nesmith Cougar peanut scale tissue covered balsa flying model built from scratch. Sometimes I get tired of drawing ; )
The final project for Design Drawing 2 for the 04 fall semester. The assignment given was to design a pair of mountain climbing goggles that could fold up when not in use and have tinted lenses that could either be removed or turn clear in extreme conditions. Factors such as, very low temperatures, durability and protection, fit and finish, ergronomics, UV blocking, use with a helmet, and styling all had to be taken into consideration. The first panel illustrates the ideation of the product, the second is the function, and the third is the product in use. I took a chance with this and desided to use bright red Canson paper. Over all it turned out very nice. On the 1st panel there are some orthographics of a human head that didn't seem to come out in the photo. Also on sheet one the blue lensed goggle picture is a pop-up that can be folded away in the same manner as they would really function. This picture does not do the display justice. (marker, prismacolor pensil, and nue pastels on red canson)
Center panel displaying the function of my goggle design done in Design Drawing 2. Some of the darker colors (i.e. the arrows) didn't photograph well upon the red paper, however in life this was an impressive display.
Final project in Materials and Processes. I took apart a toy car entirley illustrated the gear dive function. At the bottom is a parts list that displays the tooling costs and type of materials everything is made of as well as other manufacturing information.
Side project done to participate in the Design Problem Solving final assignment: Build a completley atonamous vehicle that travels upon Lionel tracks picks up an egg from one station and delivers it to another at the top of an incline. The highlights of this robot are the gear driven shaft drive, adjustable switch activatiors (the wires), and a neoprene (wet suit material) egg receptical. The egg depositing mechanisum is made of acrillic and powered by a 16oz beer can cut into slices (similar to a leaf spring) afixed under it. Only two vehicles out of a dozen acomplished the objectives and this was one of them.
Final rendering in Digital Imaging. The gears were built using llustrator, the vectors were then transfered to painter and rendered. Finally the Painter picture was brought into Photoshop to puch up the contrast as well as add the background bar.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The original Laptop drawing done in marker and neu pastel. One can see the differences from the computer version, Obviously this renderings warm display screen so promently deliniated was a mistake. However I still think this to be a better rendering than was done in painter. (mabey you need to see it in real life)

Old school flash unit for an SLR camera. Two communication layouts done in Design Drawing 2. Prismacolor indigo blue
Design Drawing 2 assignment, "hand held electronic device" from life. I sketched a game cube controller in prismacolor pensil.

Sydney Opera House sketched in prismacolor pensil for Design Drawing 2

Tea cup done in first semester modelmaking 1. Made out of insta-cast. Molds were made by vaccum forming around a foam model.
Color and Design Final painted in gouache