Saturday, July 05, 2008

Here is the final output from my summer 2006 Portfolio Enhancements Project "Cargo". The model was done in Alias and the rendering in Image studio.

The idea behind the Cargo concept is to design a vehicle that maintains scooter urban transport advantages while noticeably increasing cargo capacity. As well as be able to adapt to specific specialized solutions and appeal to urban delivery services.

Cargo is unique in several ways, technologically it incorporates a drive by wire tank style steering system to further increase pay load capacity, and is currently the only scooter design that addresses this need. Cargo also demonstrates a divergence from the norm with an attractive new hybrid form factor yet still embodies the traditional scooter lines and vibe.

Cargo is a very conceptual blue sky project that is meant to get people thinking outside the standard vehicle form factors, in an attempt to create new vehicles that address niche needs.

Loaded up

As you can see from the side Cargo has a brand new form factor.

Blinker/ bunji attachment details

Controls and speedo

Cargo would make an excellent promotional vehicle as well

DHL delivery version for rapid urban deliveries

Large laundry load (I can honestly say I have used my moped and a huge bag to take laundry to the laundromat on more than one occasion)



web hosting said...

Beautiful tools.Boys all like that.

Dannykim8379 said...

Hi Elliot,

My name is Danny Kim. I am an alternative vehicle ecologist and car builder. I graduated from RISD in ID, and sustainable design. I have some questions about the scooter concept concerning whether you have ever considered building a fullscale works-like prototype? A couple of colleagues and I are thinking about building a scooter company in SF. Heres a flickr link to some of my work.

Bio diesel Truck

Bike jig

Titanium gold Road bike

Concept chassis

hope to hear from you soon