Thursday, July 14, 2005

An in class exercise done in Design Drawing 3. Here we are comming up with products and choosing a sutable layout to show them to there full potential. Aspects such as contrast, readablity, composition, and cool factor all come into play here. The largest sketch should read 1st and have the most impact on the page. This should initially capture the viewers eye and bring them into the compostion. To support the "hero shot" are details and secondary sketches. These serve to better show off the product and its features. A large branding logo is alo incorperated but sketched lightly as to not distract from the product. One will also notice how the dark background links all the images together on the page and the boarders keep the sketch contained. This exercise took about 40 min to complete using Prismacolor pencils and a dark blue Copic brand marker.

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