Monday, May 23, 2005

Here is K-bot (named after the K'nex toy used to build the body). I built this robot on my spare time this semester. The schematic is based on the "herbie" robot from the "junkbots" book. It is a line following/ light-seeking (phototropic) robot. It is powered by a 9v battery and driven by 2 clear servo motors modified to spin continuously. Since this robot was built with k'nex the light sensor arms can be places on may different positions including reversed and aimed downwards so that it can follow black lines on white paper. When the touch sensors on the front are activated the robot travels backwards for a short period of time then forward again via a relay and capacitor. Out of coincidence I was able to participate again in the Design problem solving classes final assignment, a line following robot that can navigate a maze collect balls and avoid mousetraps. With some slight tinkering I was able to get K-bot running excellently through the maze. He wasn’t the fastest but he managed to collect the most magnetic balls (4) and still have a respectable time. Unlike most of the other robots K-bot had touch sensors and was configurable to run as a phototropic robot as well. It's really neat little bot.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elliot!
This is really neat! as are your goggles!
from walnut street